6 factors for positive results

as determined by Ramey and Ramey 1998:

  1. the sooner the better
  2. long-term (usually 2-3 years) and intensive, i.e. between 15-25 hours/week
  3. direct work with the child, about 2 hours per day, and not only information for parents
  4. Involvement and support of parents as the main agents of change
  5. Recognition of the individual differences of each child
  6. as far as possible at home

Parents are the most important "agents of change

Why parents?

... because parents are the true experts for their child

  • Parents spend more time with their children than all their teachers and therapists combined.
  • By training parents to be their child's best play partner, the child can receive the following. intensive High quality intervention every day.
  • When parents/caregivers learn how to use the DIRFloortime approach through 1:1 coaching at home and at least 2 hours per day Playing with your child, usually in shorter sessions (e.g., 6 x 20 minutes), improves relationships because it creates an enjoyable time for you and your child.
  • This kind of PLAY supports the child to Reappraisal of the central deficits of autism.
  • This early intervention program aims to address developmental issues that a child needs to have mastered BEFORE Start in playgroups, kindergartens or other group facilities
  • and to prepare to cope and learn with peers in school.