WEBINAR & DISCUSSION ROUND: Early Play and Creative Game Ideas

  • Do you ever run out of ideas on how to creatively design or expand your play with a child?
  • What about a child who is always running around and not interested in you or what you have to play with?
  • What does this child need from us?

Often the feeling sets in that you just have to get more or different toys, then the child would already show interest and turn to them joyfully. But in reality, here too, less is often more.

The solution is usually both much easier and at the same time more involved than initially thought. Because it requires the willingness to let go of preconceived ideas (that's the hardest part!) and to become emotionally fully attuned and 'threaded' to this unique child and his or her interests.

That is actually quite simple. But then again, it's not, because what exactly are the child's ideas/interests? What interests him about cars or running around? Are these interests at all? Or are they perhaps signs of idleness or stress-related substitute actions? Does the child perhaps feel stressed by our offers and expectations? How can we respond to this?

Such questions, with examples from participants and practical tips and ideas for interactive play, are the focus of these discussion sessions, each webinar of which highlights and addresses different topics, tips and questions because of them.

Maximum number of participants: 24
Participation fee: € 45,00
You will receive the zoom link 1-2 days before the webinar.

You will be redirected to the payment provider Digistore24.


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