MindBuilders' COMMUNITY

Building bridges for autistic children  'Alone we can achieve so little, but together we can achieve so much.'

Helen Keller (deaf and blind since childhood)

Mastermind Group - online

  • Discussion group with Sibylle Janert by zoom
  • Connectedness, networking & personal exchange
  • with like-minded colleagues and interested parents
  • Period: 1 year
  • Number of participants: maximum 20
  • Registration until 25.1.2023
This mastermind group offers a unique opportunity for one year to get to know and exchange with like-minded people (professionals and parents) on relevant topics, questions and problems, so that a feeling of connectedness can develop.
  • Topics: Autism, DIRFloortime, relationships, play and language development, Waldon Method, Behavior, food, aggression, challenges, etc.
  • Ideas & Tips for successful strategies, game activities and materials
  • Supported learning through Video examples

Annual membership:

  • Monthly 2 hours per zoom
  • € 29 per month at the introductory price only until 25.1.2023. In the future €49/ month!
  • without risk: monthly membership can be terminated at any time 

Next Launch:  January 2024

Prerequisites for the Mastermind Group:

  • relationship-oriented attitude, empathy and openness to new ideas
  • Interest in feelings, self-reflection and the psychological inner world of human beings (child, adult and your own) to understand better
  • Reflect on and challenge common ideas about autism/ autistic-like behaviors and other developmental delays in a relationally oriented way.
  • Participation in DIRFloortime introductory course (101) and/or
  • Basic knowledge of DIRFloortime (D-I-R, FEDCs, affect, 'following the child's lead AND challenging them to climb the developmental ladder at the same time').