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Building bridges for autistic children  'MindBuilders' Mastermind group is always the highlight of the month for me.

Tessa, Participant of the Mastermind Group

MindBuilders' Mastermind Group is for you, if you are relationship-oriented attitude

  • as Specialist, parent or caregiver 
  • with a Child/client with autistic-like behaviors, autism diagnosis, autism, ASD or other developmental delays live or work
  • empathetic relationship building and human Personal development as the most important human goal
  • you sometimes feel alone and long for more Connectedness, understanding and networking with like-minded people
  • the trusting exchange with like-minded colleagues and interested parents search
  • in one multidisciplinary group with- and want to learn from each other

MindBuilders' Mastermind Group offers a year-long unique opportunity to get to know, network and exchange ideas with like-minded people (professionals and parents) on relevant topics in a closed group. This allows a feeling of trust and connection to develop. Each evening has a theme that addresses the problems and questions of the participants in order to exchange ideas and find a better way of dealing with them.

We discuss and agree on topics and dates together on our first evening. 

Mastermind Group - online: 'Floortime together'

You get access to the Community with the whole online library and

  • Webinars, discussion rounds/question and answer sessions on relevant topics, also with video examples
  • Monthly (on alternating days of the week)
  • Ideas & Tips for successful strategies, activities and play materials
  • Support for professional Independence

In the Mastermind Group you also receive:

  • Thematic monthly discussion round via zoom
  • with like-minded colleagues and interested parents
  • Closed multi-disciplinary groupin which we can also reflect on difficult questions in a confidential and development-oriented manner
  • Supported learningalso through Video examples
  • Deepening a genuine relationship-oriented attitude and your own DIRFloortime skills
  • Ideas & Tips for successful strategies, game activities and materials
  • Possibility Video clips from participants to discuss
  • Professional and personal development through an open exchange with each other

Annual membership:

  • Period: January - December 2024
  • Monthly 2 hours per zoom
  • evenings on alternating days of the week (determined by the participants in the first round)
  • Number of participants: maximum 20
  • Next registration: as of Nov. 2023
  • Costs: €95,- net per month (€113,05 gross)
  • Early bird price€75 net (€89.25 gross) only until 7.12.2023

Start of the next mastermind group:  approx. Sept. 2024

Building bridges for autistic children Dear Sibylle. I have just signed up for the Mastermind group again. Opening up your online library is of course the absolute pro argument. There are so many helpful tips and experiences on so many of our difficult topics at home that I can now always use and look up. The monthly exchange in the group always gives me strength. 

Mother of a child diagnosed with autism

Requirements for the mastermind group:

  • Relationship-oriented attitude, empathy and openness to new ideas
  • Holistic view and Interest in empathy, feelings, self-reflection 
  • The inner psychological world of the human being (child, adult and their own) to better understand
  • Readiness, challenge common ideas about autism/ autistic-like behaviors and developmental delays
  • Participation in DIRFloortime introductory course (101) and/or
  • Interest in or Basic knowledge of DIRFloortime (D-I-R, FEDCs, affect, 'following the child's lead AND challenging them to climb the developmental ladder at the same time').
  • Parents/caregivers have experience of active relationship-oriented collaboration with Sibylle Janert in relation to their child at the time of registration. The Mastermind group is not suitable as a substitute for individual 1-1 cooperation. Individual solutions are available on request.

So many lights have come on for me

I really enjoyed the last Mastermind group. I gained so much from it. Your observations and descriptions were really brilliant. I also recognized so many things and so many lights came on for me. I think that's really, really important. And I also noticed in the others, in the therapists, that things were somehow really bubbling up there. And it was interesting to see what kind of image they had of autism or what was taught. And I found it really, really exciting. And for me, this aspect is always very important: Yes, how do we do that, so that we bring them more into our world? I mean, I can see it with my own daughter. I have to grab myself by the scruff of the neck again and again and some things annoy me. And then somehow I see again that she is simply self-sufficient, unable and unwilling to communicate. And that does a lot to me.

Paula, Mother of an adult daughter


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