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Building bridges for autistic children „My whole way of looking at autism has changed!"

I now have a whole new understanding of autism and learned that there are measures that can actually make a difference. Such an insightful workshop! I realized that autism doesn't have to be a stamp that is put on a child for the rest of their life, but that children can be helped to come out of their isolation by responding to their current emotional developmental level and connecting through playful interaction that follows the child's lead, rather than trying to get the child to do "how to do it".  

Laura Mittenwald
Mother of a girl with developmental disabilities, after Floortime 101 introductory seminar.

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11.1. – 12.4.2023

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Thu. 26.1.2023 at 13-14.30

Webinar: Introduction to the WALDON Method

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Thu. 2/16/2023 at 10-11:30 a.m.

Webinar: Structure at home

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Mon. 6 - Tue. 7.3.2023


Learning to Learn: The Waldon Method for beginners & with new contents for Waldon course returnees

Thu. 16.3.2023 at 7-21.30 p.m.

Webinar: Self-employed & successful as a floortimer

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Wed.22.- Fri. 24.3.2023


19.4. – 19.7.2023
Wed. 19 - 21 h

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Thu.2 - Sat.4.11.2023


Thu.30.11. - Sat. 2.12.2023



DIRFloortime Symposium 2024

Autism viewed in the context of relationship, development and resources