MindBuilders online courses

consist of a series of resources in several chapters that help you understand children with autistic or autistic-like behaviors in a relational way and provide empathetic support for their personality development.

Here our starting point is a positive non-judgmental attitude in which feelings and humanity are in focus with the focus on

  • What is the child 'telling' us with their behaviors and how can these be empathetically understood and treated?
  • What feelings does this trigger in us as caregivers and how can we manage our (difficult) feelings well?
  • What does the child need from us as caregivers in order to be able to develop its developmental potential as well as possible?

MindBuilders online courses are the right thing for you if you

  • have a special child who won't play or talk, who won't eat or sleep or use the toilet
  • want to understand and treat autistic and autistic-like behaviors in a relationship-oriented way
  • have already tried all sorts of things, but nothing has really worked and you desperately want to know what your child needs and what you can do yourself at home

The basics of growing up

You have a special child who won't play or talk, eat or sleep, or use the toilet? These courses will help you, To lay the foundations for your child's abilities to communicate, play and learn to speak, eat, sleep, go to the toilet and develop their whole personality as a person.

How to understand autism

Are you looking to better understand a child with autistic-like behaviors or an autism diagnosis? In these courses we learn To view autistic mental states and behaviors from a holistic developmental perspective and to treat them sensitively in order to support the child in his or her whole personality development.