Ways to understand Autism 

Autistic behaviors are often based on underlying individual differences in self-regulation, perception, emotionality, movement, and relationship skills. This can lead to certain human withdrawal behaviors lead to oneself and a, often presymbolic, sensory-dominated state of mind as a way of being that avoids awareness of the 'other' and thus limits one's own personality development.

When we focus our attention on this, rather than on externally observed behaviors, our approach changes with good prospects for positive progress. This way of being and state of mind can also change if we help the child develop interest in relationships with 'the other' and the world around them.

    Ways to understand Autism is right for you if you

    • Want to better understand a special child with autistic-like behaviors or an autism diagnosis
    • Seek alternatives to mainstream behavioral training information about autism
    • have already tried all sorts of things, but nothing has really worked and you desperately want to know what your child needs and what you can do yourself at home

    The online course 'How to Autism lets understand

    consists of a number of resources in several units to explore autistic mental states and behaviors from a holistic developmental perspective with reference to relational approaches such as DIRFloortime, developmental approaches such as the Waldon Method, and thought from British Psychoanalytic Object Relations Theory. 

    My child feels so FAR AWAY from me

    Do you sometimes feel that your child feels quite distant from you, even though he or she is right next to you? In this course we will explore the feeling of emotional distance in our relationship with an autistic child and helpful ways of responding and techniques to empathetically support your child in his mental-emotional personality development.


    Reaching the autistic child emotionally

    10 helpful behaviors for caregivers


    This course is currently in preparation.


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