Sibylle Janert

Relationship-based Autism Therapist

DIRFloortime - The PLAY Project - Waldon Method

Feeling understood 

have long been interested in the spiritual and psychological development of human beings, how psychological pain arises and how it can be healed. When a person or child does not feel understood, this hinders healthy development and leads to emotional and behavioral problems. I learned much more than from my psychology studies at the University of Tübingen, both for myself and for my work today, in London during my two master's degrees in 'Psychology of Therapy and Counseling' at Antioch University and in my two 2-year psychoanalytically oriented baby observation courses at the Tavistock Clinic (British Object Relations School according to W. Bion and Esther Bick).

In search of alternatives to behavior therapy

I went many years ago (originally only for an interim semester) to the then liberal London, where I was able to create my own way of working based on many different experiences, - until Brexit brought me back to Germany in 2019, - and into the very different world of the idyllic mountain village of Ruhpolding in Bavaria.

My own experience has convinced me that as human beings we need the empathetic support of another human being in order to recover from old emotional wounds and to be able to change our reactions and behavior.

That is why I have developed my way of working with parents, children and families to help each other better understand puzzling, confusing, difficult or autistic-like behaviors, to deal with feelings of uncertainty and to find emotionally appropriate helpful ways of responding. This is the purpose of my offers in parent coaching and therapeutic family holidays. And in all my courses.

Meanwhile, during my yoga teacher training in 2022-23, I found so many of my beliefs in the ancient wisdom of yoga philosophy, and felt very understood there.


I am convinced that


autistic-like behaviors, autism and Asperger's are not a disease, but primarily human emotional-mental unconscious ways of functioning and reactions to individual sensory-motor regulation and processing difficulties or PTSS.


development tends to head in the 'right direction', but can easily be interrupted, disturbed or blocked by unfavorable emotional experiences.


every child and every human being has an almost infinite potential for development under favorable conditions. Necessary for this are empathetic and understanding relationships, because the human brain can only develop through emotional co-regulation with another person.

Over the years I have given many seminars, courses, workshops and webinars for parents and colleagues, as well as supervision groups for professionals in DIRFloortime, the Waldon Method, about autism and child development, - in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as in England, Bangladesh, India and Bolivia.

More about me

I love being in nature and sitting on one of the benches provided for hikers and enjoying a beautiful view

I don't have a car and ride a bike when it's too far to walk, or I use public transport. I like long train rides (great for tele-vision, i.e. seeing what is further away!) and I feel: 'Why fly when you can take the train?'

I like to go hiking and love to enjoy a beautiful view from the top of a mountain. I like to hike together with others or with a hiking group. And I also like to walk alone. Then I can really be in the here and now and with myself, and often good ideas come to me.

I enjoy spending time with friends and learning about new people and the different ways people 'do' their lives.

I don't like sweet things, cakes and chocolate very much, - and I can usually still find chocolate from last Easter or Christmas in my cupboard.

I love salad, vegetables (preferably green vegetables) and salty, hot or spicy things.

I like to sing and play the lyre (or try to learn and teach myself).

My TV is my window with a view of the sky, trees and mountains with a constantly changing program of light, weather and seasons. I like to watch the global disaster news in a well-dosed and selected manner.

I love to watch plants grow and know many by name in German, English and Latin. As a child I wanted to be a botanist and I almost always had an 'adopted garden' to take care of.

Roses should have a scent, not just look beautiful. In general, I love fragrant flowers.

I am fascinated by development and non-verbal communication in people, animals and plants in the garden, on the balcony, in the wild.

As a teenager, I was already interested in the emotional and psychological development of human beings and had a strong sense of responsibility for my little brother and his development.

Both my grandmothers grew up with divorced parents, - 1902 and 1910. Over 100 years ago! Just imagine!

One of my earliest memories is before I could speak, on my mother's arm in the stairwell: great excitement, because another child had locked himself in the bathroom! With the key. And it didn't fit under the door. Because the child did not manage to unlock the lock with the key by himself. What now?

My left eye is my stronger eye, although it is much weaker than my right eye, which is much more sensitive to light and closes quickly as soon as it is too bright.

I love cats and would love to have one or 2 cats. But unfortunately I am not allowed to have pets in my apartment.

I am very aware that I am only a 'guest on earth' for a limited time and that to be happy I don't have to have or own many things, like car, house, TV, ...., but to be creative with what I have (in me) to make the world a little better.


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