How can we teach the child to use the toilet?

Are you worried because your child

  • shows no interest in toilet training?
  • refuses to use or sit on the toilet?
  • insists on wearing diapers day and night?

This is a common problem. For some reason, some children have difficulty with the most basic milestones of early development and parents are desperate for support to help their child.


Your child can learn to use the toilet und to become toilet trained.

"Thank you for helping me understand what toilet training is really about!"

We were completely overwhelmed with trying to toilet train Navid (4.5 years) until we met you. I now look at toilet training in a completely different way. I used to worry that Navid's diagnosis and the fact that he wasn't talking or listening meant he couldn't go to the bathroom. Now I know that learning to use the toilet is a complex issue and a relationship issue that is not just about obedience and behavior training, but more importantly about feelings, sensations, and relationships. Navid was so surprised when I simply said, "Ah, you're pooping!" instead of hurriedly changing his diaper. You could literally see that this made him think. He realized that he didn't like the feeling and that he wanted to change something. That was definitely the beginning of when he could go to the bathroom. Instead of telling him what to do, I focused on helping Navid figure out how everything worked: his body, his sensations, his feelings, the toilet, etc. And he did it! I am so happy and relieved!'

Navid's mother

Here's how you can help your child:

This chapter consists of 4 lessons to help you approach your child's toilet training in a thoughtful and simple way. 

Lesson 1: About toilet training

Using the toilet is the new game of a small child 

Lesson 2: What toilet training is really about

Toilet training is not just about physically putting the child on the toilet 

Lesson 3: Toilet training must be initiated by parents

Finding a way to do without the diaper 

Lesson 4: How to start toilet training

Step by step to successful toilet training 

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