Supervision group

Supervision group

You have attended the introductory (101) course and want to continue with your DIRFloortime training?

  1. You want to take the advanced 201, 202, or 203 course, but you're not sure if you're ready.
  2. When assessing a child's FEDCs and sensory-motor profile (SMP), you are sometimes still unsure.
  3. You often lack ideas and strategies to put Floortime into practice and handle behavior well.
  4. You have been advised to attend a supervision group before the next DIRFloortime course.

Then I would like to invite you to our next supervision group: it is open to everyone who is looking for support, exchange and inspiration - and you don't need to travel anywhere, because it takes place via zoom.

Building bridges for autistic children "I have benefited so much"

"It's really incredible how much I can benefit from hearing other perspectives and then applying them directly to 10 of my therapy moments. Feeling, experiencing, allowing and naming feelings was very exciting."

Corina Forsythe - Occupational therapist, SI

Building bridges for autistic children Have the courage to work basally

"The supervision group helps me a lot to tune in better to the child and to be able to assess at what level or FEDC I can pick up the child and, as Sibylle always says, 'thread my way in' with him."

Isobel Eichner- Curative teacher

You are in the right place in this supervision group if you ask yourself

  • whether you correctly assess the FEDLs of your children/clients and
  • How to follow the child's lead and at the same time 'help them up the developmental ladder'.
  • How the child's individual profile connects to the FEDCs and influences everyday activities such as eating, dressing, toilet training, etc.
  • how you could better understand and apply the discussed principles of DIRFloortime in practice
  • How you want to develop a broader emotional range of affect in your practice
  • What other ideas there are for helpful play activities, play materials, techniques and strategies

Building bridges for autistic children Have courage & work basally

"It helps me to have the courage to continue to work very basally when the children show me that they need to be picked up there, as well as to involve the parents more in the work again."

Brigitte Hollerbusch - Special educator

This supervision group will help you

  • as preparation for the advanced ICDL courses 201, 202 or 203
  • To practice how to make interventions fun to play on the right FEDL so that everyone has fun together
  • Infuse the goals of your professional practice with more affect to motivate the child, as described in the DIRFloortime model.
  • better understand complex family situations or autistic/challenging behaviors 
  • Become more confident in using the DIRFloortime model and FEDLs.
  • Assess the FEDLs and the child's individual sensory-motor profile.
  • exchange interdisciplinary practical examples with colleagues and learn from and with each other


  • small group of 6-8 participants. Minimum group size: 6 TN. If there are less than 6 registrations, the start may be postponed.
  • 6-8 supervision evenings (depending on group size)
  • 2 hours per evening:  gogether reflecting and learning from 1-2 video clips per participant
  • Videos of own work with a child/client per participant + supporting group discussion.
  • DIRFloortime strategies, techniques, activities, game materials, Waldon method, some with video examples.
  • FEDL developmental capacities and the child's individual sensory-motor DIR profile.
  • Discussion of relevant topics: Behavior, autism, family dynamics, mental-emotional personality issues, diagnoses, ...
  • Exchange of information materials, tips, game materials, reading recommendations


  • Teilnahme an DIRFloortimeeinführungskurs (1.+2. Tag/101)
  • Interest in self-reflection
  • Sharing videos with each other via zoom is possible
  • Computer screen (no participation via cell phone!)
  • Stable Internet

Next supervision group: Beginnt Di. 3.9.2024, 19 Uhr



  • mostly 19-21 o'clock on a weekday, or as arranged 
  • The Zoom link will be sent to the email you used to pay shortly before the appointment.

COST: € 275 + VAT per person

Register as soon as possible, as demand is high and the number of participants is limited to 8.

SEPTEMBER 2023: Voraussichtlich (abhängig von Gruppengröße): Dienstags 3.9. – 10.12.2024

  • Dates: 6-10 Termine (abhängig von Gruppengröße): Dienstags 3.+10.+17.9., 8.+29.10., 5.+12.+19.11., 3.+10.12.2024
  • Time: 19-21 h 
  • Minimum Enrollment: 6 TN 
  • ACHTUNG! – ERSTER Kennenlern- und Planungstermin am Di. 18.6.2024, 19 Uhr

  • Registration deadline: Mi. 26.07.2024 um 12:00 Uhr

WAITING LIST for the next supervision group:

If you are interested in a supervision group, you can sign up for the waiting list here without obligation. As soon as there is sufficient interest, I will let you know and organize an initial meeting to discuss and agree on times, weekdays and dates. The next supervision group is expected to start in April 2024.



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