Customer testimonials

Building bridges for autistic children "Great progress"

"Thank you so much for your fantastic ideas. Your support has led to great progress in my son's life and in our whole family in the last 3 years"

Khalid's father

Building bridges for autistic children Feeling understood

"We felt so helpless and desperate with Mohan. Already the first conversation with Sibylle changed a lot, because we felt understood and could share all our worries and questions with an empathetic person. In the meantime, Mohan does not always run away or scream. Sometimes he even smiles at my husband. And he is so happy that he can finally have more contact with him."

Mohan's mother

Building bridges for autistic children "My whole way of looking at autism has changed!"

"I now have a whole new understanding of autism and learned that there are interventions that can actually make a difference. Such an insightful workshop! I realized that autism doesn't have to be a stamp that is put on a child for the rest of their life, but that children can be helped to come out of their isolation by responding to their current emotional developmental level and connecting through playful interaction that follows the child's lead, rather than trying to get the child to do 'how to do it"."


Mother of a girl, with developmental disabilities, after attending the Floortime introductory seminar.

Building bridges for autistic children "Our daughter is actually starting to talk by now, and the difficult behaviors are barely occurring"

"I don't know where we would be today without our almost weekly online conversations with Sibylle. Our then 9-year-old daughter even drove the autism center to despair with her challenging behaviors. Behavioral therapy just wasn't working for us. With Sibylle's relationship-oriented holistic approach, our situation at home has completely changed. Our daughter is now actually starting to talk, and the difficult behaviors hardly ever occur. We parents have a completely new understanding of our daughter's problems and are now even confident about the future. Provided that Sibylle continues to have time for us on a regular basis! Without our weekly appointments we still can't make it.

Lara's parents

Mother of a girl, with developmental disabilities, after attending the Floortime introductory seminar.

Building bridges for autistic children "The best intervention I could imagine for my child!"

"Through working with Sibylle, we as a family have regained direction and control over our lives. Every family should receive this kind of support. Because it gives the parents back their agency and helps them to understand and help their child's development."


Mother of autistic boy with challenging behavior

Building bridges for autistic children "You have given me the hope and motivation to help my child myself."

"MindBuilders has given me hope and motivated me to help myself and my child deal positively with autistic behavior. With this approach, I now look at autistic behavior with completely different eyes. It provides me with guidance and helps me as a parent to stay strong and focused."


Father of autistic boy

Building bridges for autistic children "Since we met Sibylle, we have a clearer direction and orientation".

"We are trying to understand the world from Ariel's perspective. We feel more confident in our interactions with him. As a result, Ariel now increasingly seeks interaction and is more interested in his environment, which also strengthens our relationship. The more relaxed home environment and improvements in our family life make such a difference and encourage the development of language and play."

Father of Ariel (12 years old)


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