How can we help our child fall asleep?

Your child can learn to fall asleep and sleep through the night so you can sleep well too.

This is a common problem in many families. For some reason the child has difficulty with the most basic milestones of early development and the parents are desperate for support/help.

Are you worried because your child

  • refuses to go to bed?
  • requires you to lie or sleep with him?
  • Wakes you up every night and refuses to go back to sleep?

This is the result:

In this module, there are 4 units that will help you solve your child's sleep problems in a thoughtful and simple way.

Unit 1: Bedtime and nighttime child education

How much sleep does your child need?

Unit 2: Planning a bedtime routine

What fits your family? - What helps your child? - What do YOU need?

Unit 3: Healthy bedtimes

Bedtime for children - time only for adults - reflection and review of the day.

Unit 4: Problems before bedtime

When your child does not want to stay in bed


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 "He liked it so much he fell right asleep in his own bed!"

Timo really needs to learn to sleep in his own bed. He's 8 now and still insists on sleeping next to me. But I can't sleep and I really don't like him hugging me at night. Together we discussed what a child like Timo needs for an appropriate bedtime, that the TV or other electronic devices would keep him from sleeping, and how to make the room safe and quiet. A few months later, Timo has his own room, the former guest room. I would never have believed it: he loved it so much that he just fell asleep in his own bed from the first night! I should have done that a long time ago! But I didn't believe he could do it until you helped me think through the whole situation.


Timo's mother


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